I Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book

I Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book

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Check out the I Scream Nails DIY book!

Want to learn how to do our amazing nail art yourself?! Simple!!! Whether it's bunnies, cupcakes, dinosaurs or rainbows, I Scream Nails DIY Nail Art book helps you create 15 super-cute nail art designs in easy-to-follow steps!

Also including lots of info on exactly what you need to get started and nail art tips and tricks from us!

The I Scream Nails DIY book includes the following:

  • Prepping a workspace
  • Prepare, paint and perfect
  • Frog tutorial
  • Flamingo tutorial
  • Clouds tutorial
  • Wild strawberries tutorial
  • Chocolate tutorial
  • Dinosaur tutorial
  • Eye tutorial
  • Ice cream tutorial
  • Cupcakes tutorial
  • Smiley face tutorial
  • Bunny tutorial
  • Cloud / rainbow tutorial
  • Dog tutorial
  • Back to the 90's tutorial
  • Kitty cat tutorial
Hours of entertainment and F.U.N!